Essay about Gun Control Laws Should Not Be Legal

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Increased guns, Decreased Crime
Gun control has become a largely talked about topic in modern day America, due to terrorist attacks, school shootings and many other events. Gun control was established to help regulate the use of firearms and who can carry a firearm. Some people want gun control laws strengthened because they believe that if there weren 't any guns then there would be no violence. On the other hand people people against gun laws believe that without guns to protect themselves, crime will rise. In reality, stricter gun control laws will only increase crime and leave American citizens almost defenseless.
If too many gun control laws are passed it will only help to raise the current crime rate. When only a small percentage of common people have guns to protect themselves then the criminals will not hesitate to commit a crime if they know that there will be no problem from the victim. In a study done on the subject on gun control, the conclusion supports this idea. According to Daniel Polsby, “Their electrifying conclusion was that liberalizing concealed-carry laws drives down rates of confrontational crime, with the effect most pronounced in the counties where the problem of criminal violence is worst.” This was the largest econometric study of crime and violence ever done, in The Journal of Legal Studies, and reduced crime rates was the outcome. This just goes to show and prove that loosening the grip of gun control laws will help to lower crime. Another view…

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