Essay about Gun Control Laws Have Reduced Gun Related Deaths

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Gun Control laws have reduced Gun related deaths We all have seen on the news the horrible stories of Mass shootings at high schools colleges, movie theaters, and even elementary schools. Over fourty-nine dead and over One hundred injured in the recent Orlando Florida nightclub shooting spree. Why should we care? We should care because the next person to purchase a gun just to kill as many people as they can may kill you or your family. Whether you support safety measures or not, even if you are a “good guy with a gun”, it may not help you or your family when needed the most. The facts of Gun related deaths including suicide, homicide and accidental shootings are disconcerting and cause anxiety and fear in U.S. citizens .Something has to change.Nationally 33,000 people die by gun violence each year. California 's firearm related deaths have plummeted down fifty-six percent in the past ten years. More than 5000 deaths occurred ten years ago, the number is now down to 2900. These include homicide, suicides, and accidents. Nationally the gun deaths dropped 29 percent. It is my opinion and the opinion of many researchers that an increase in safety laws does lower the number of fatalities. I intend to show through data collected by the Center for disease control and other reputable sources that indisputable evidence exist proving these facts. California has adopted over 30 gun safety laws in the past ten years.

Changes in gun laws in California…

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