Essay about Gun Control Is An Issue For All Countries

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Gun Control is an issue for all countries, especially America because Americans love guns and carrying guns as a human right. However, America tries to forbid gun usage might cause bad consequences against the society. For example, in 1917, Eighteenth Amendment of the Constitution of the United State announced that the United State implemented Prohibition, which is an act of prohibited manufacturing, transportation, import, export, sale, drinking wine, including alcoholic beverages. However, the Prohibition contained and caused so many problems. For instance, criminal organization seized the chance to illegally brew wine and most of the alcohol contains things that are hazardous to human bodies, such as caused deafness and brain damage. Also, the black market of alcohol is thriving, and blackmail is prevalent because of the corruption of law enforcement officials. These problems made the government have to face the feasibility of this Prohibition. Therefore, they abolished the Prohibition after the twenty-first Amendment, which became the first Amendment that had been removed.
Similarly, Gun control is on the verge of these problems. Gun control is a set of policies that regulate the manufacturing, transfer, sale, and modification by civilians. There are always two kinds of people, one with an agreement and the others are disagreeing. People used to think guns are dangerous no matter to the society or personal, but some people would say that take control of the guns is the…

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