Essay on Gun Control And The United States

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Is Gun Control to Easy to Get Around in the US What is Gun Control? Gun Control refers to laws or policies that regulate the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, modification, or use of firearms.
Gun Control helps the government regulate who has and who can have a firearm.
In the United States of America, there are 10.59 gun murders per 100,000 people.
This number of murders can be reduced if gun control is strengthened.

In the USA there is more mass murders by gun than any other country. The cause of this is that people in the USA don’t undergo proper background checks when purchasing a firearm. If people do not undergo a through background check it can to dangerous people getting hold of weapons and possibly hurting someone.
Gun-control advocates cite that 40 percent of guns have been obtained by people without a background check. This is possible because of illegal trading, Lazy background checks and, Sellers on sites such as Ebay and Crags list

Although gun control has become more strict within the USA, there is still a lot of problems with people withholding it. Lots of gun sellers look over the background checks and end up selling it to the people even if they have a criminal record. Only 1.1% of background checks In the USA where denied between 1994 and 2015. This is a serious problem america has a population of about 318.9 Million constantly growing. 1.1 precent that is roughly 3.5079 million of people in the USA are denied the gun owner ship.…

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