Gun Control And The National Firearms Act Of 1934 Essay

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The majority of people in America simply just do not understand how gun control works. Mainstream America is just not informed about particular areas of gun control that would help them understand the system. As stated by, gun control is defined as government regulation of the sale and ownership of firearms. The National Firearms Act of 1934 was the first major federal statute to deal with the regulation of firearms (Carter). After this act it was followed up with the Federal Arms Act of 1938 and this is the first federal limitation put on the sale of ordinary firearms (Carter). These acts were set up to protect the public’s welfare and safety by regulating dangerous weapons. For the sake of a safer America, gun control education needs to be taught in order for Americans to fully comprehend how weapons operate, how the laws in their state works and the penalties for breaking the laws.
Weapons handling classes can assist Americans in understanding the purpose of how to operate their weapons. During these classes they would learn how to control the weapon and understand all the safety procedures to use while operating the weapon. According to the Fox 26 article Weapons Class Draws Large Turnout is an example of how offering weapons handling classes can help people understand weapons safety and that they are interested in receiving such classes (KNPN). The article states that a large number of people showed up to complete the weapons handling class and that…

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