A Rhetorical Analysis Of A Political Cartoon By David Horsey

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The author of this political cartoon is David Horsey. He usually does political cartoons and for this specific one, he purposely chooses his audience that belong to everyday average parents, teachers, and gun loving patriots all the while persuading them of his opinion by using rhetorical words and images. The comic itself displays how he feels on gun control, and how little security the public is allowed to have for themselves whether it be concealed or otherwise. How the comic is formatted to look and the culture also greatly affect his work.The cartoon’s main figure ( Sarah Palin) also believes that gun control could easily leave millions of people defenceless in the U.S., which given with the several who seek to brutalize Americans such as Terrorists, crazed gun-men, and even random psychos . …show more content…
The rhetorical images :U.S. flag background, a child, an elephant, and a gun propped in Sarah Palin’s arms. The U.S. flag represents the patriotism, as well as our own history of where guns saved the citizens from a tragic end such as the fight against the English back in the colonies in the 17th century. A child to remind us of how defenceless we truly are, like a child who can’t defend themselves from the vicious evil man with a gun. The elephant represents the Republic ( Which Sarah Palin is) one of the two “major” sides besides the Democrats in the U.S. political system. The gun propped up in Sarah’s arms symbolizes strength and willingness to protect what is right and justly. This is why David used these images, to import the idea that in this patriotic U.S., we may be frail but with the help of the Republicans,and our right to bear arms we can protect what we believe is

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