Gun Control And The Amendment Of The Constitution Essay

1383 Words Oct 16th, 2016 6 Pages
Firing at Gun Control The 2nd Amendment of the constitution protects the right to bear arms for purposes that include self-defense. But so far over the years, that right has been under attack by our own government. Is seems as though every time you turn on the news, you hear that a man was shot in cold blood, or a man went on a killing spree. But what they do not show are the people whose lives were saved because of gun ownership. That is why it needs to be known that these strict gun laws do not keep us safe, and makes the country much more dangerous to live in. The one problem with gun control is that it does more bad than good when it comes to “stopping crime”. It seems as though the government thinks that providing strict gun laws will prohibit murder and other crimes from happening, but it just makes it worse. In his article by “The Record” in Los Angeles, Kenneth says that “fewer than 2 percent of the population commit violent crimes” (Cioletti Par 4). So this means that any strict laws enforced will not only disarm the majority law-abiding citizens, but indicate to criminals that people are now defenseless and leaves the majority at the mercy of the criminals who are still-armed. Since certain gun laws and restrictions began to be enforced, the demand for illegal black market guns have skyrocket. These violent crimes committed by a gun are never always a weapon bought from a store. These guns are on black market, and can be sold or bought by either a seller who…

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