Gun Control Or People Control Essay

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Gun Control or People Control

Who are the real killers, the guns or we? Gun laws today are getting looser and looser when it comes to who can buy guns and handle them without a license. Now days people but guns for auctions or on the market for a little of nothing. Here in Alabama we have the most nonchalant gun laws that you can find in the south. Most people in Alabama do not even have a license and do not plan on getting one anytime soon.
Most gun owners don’t have the rights to carry their weapon by law, but these are the people who want stricter gun control laws because they know how crazy people can get with guns. Gun crime is just to spiral out of control to the point of no return. People are dying all across the United States because of guns. Guns don’t kill people, people do. On an average day guns kill 88 Americans. In a one-year span that is about 32,120 people. The answer to this is simple. Keep the guns away from criminals. Criminals are a huge factor of death around the United States. Guns are used for many different things in the United States, such as, hunting, sport shooting, and many more things (Gun Control 1).
Guns are very dangerous weapons and when not used properly can be life threatening. There are certain people that should not be in the possession of any firearms. Guns should not be in the reach of children or criminals. The requirement

Clay Page 2 that every gun comes with a childproof trigger lock should be highly enforced. Thousands…

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