Gum History

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Gum’s history cannot be traced back to a single place, nor can it be traced to a single substance. The history goes back thousands of years, back to the time of the Mayans and the Aztecs. Even the Native Americans were chewing their own type of gum. Furthermore the range of history is actually extremely important. It helps better explain why gum is still around today and why it will most likely continue its existence throughout the future. Gum has played an important in society in the past and has developed into a $26 billion industry, greatly impacting the life of the modern people.
Gum’s begging is mostly widely recognized with the Mayans. They noticed that chicle from the Sapodilla trees was good for chewing, because of its use to quenched
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But that's not to say that we don't still chew some of the same gum. Wrigley’s original juicy fruit and spearmint gum along with double bubble are two of the oldest gum, and are still extremely popular today. This surprised many kinds because half of them thought bazooka gum was the oldest, which was created 54 years after juicyfruit. Gum has still changed nonetheless, the most popular brand was 5 gum a new line launched by wrigley in 2007. Today the way to make your gum company stand out is to use simple, natural ingredients, or to create new bold flavors. Today companies have seen an increase in demand for sugar- free gum and believe it or not, there is now a market for chicle gum, which is all natural. “Simply Gum and Glee Gum are both natural gums, which have gained popularity with consumers who want, increasingly, to avoid artificial colors, flavor, sweeteners, and preservatives” (Watt). Gum also might be continuously chewed because of the positive benefits it has on us.“Many people find that gum chewing helps increase concentration and relieve boredom. In addition, studies have shown that gum chewing helps people relax”(chewing gum). Gum is expected to continue its increase in popularity and demand. “Gum still has a lot of potential and can be used in a variety of ways”(watt). Tyler Merrick founder and CEO of Project 7, a newer gum company who sells sugar- free gum in all kinds of unique flavors, including: birthday cake, rainbow ice, and thin mints. They also have a line called Build+A+flavor line which comes with two different gum flavors, which can either be eaten separately or combined to create a new flavor. Merrick tells us how gum might develop in the future, “the gum category would expand if there were new gum forms, texture experiences on the market.” What does this mean for the future of gum, only time will

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