Guidelines for Research Proposal Essay

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School of Business and Public Administration
Department of Management
Assignment Guide Lines on Research Methods for Management

Course code: MGMT 362
Instructor: Abera D.

Proposal Outline
Each group needs to prepare a paper of at least 15 pages and not more than 20 pages on any of the business areas.

It is the duty of the group to add some relevant sub-topics to be included in the report. In fact, your instructor believes that an exemplary group will have gone through various literatures by the time it needs to distinguish the relevant sub-topics from the irrelevant ones, and will be better informed of the essential sub-topics to be addressed. Hence, the evaluation includes,
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The proposal states clearly what each party is expected to bring. ▪ To serve as a planning tool. Many research projects fail because they are not properly planned. Even when badly planned research does eventually reach its conclusion, it is typically very stressful to the researcher. When a clear plan of action is in place from the beginning the research is much more likely to proceed smoothly and to be successful (NRF, ---).
The remainder of the presentation addresses the structure and content of a research proposal.

2. The structure of a research proposal

Bon in Cormack (1996: 89-100) gives guidelines on the preparation of a research proposal. Nonetheless, proposals are tailored to suit the requirements of a given research problem/ question. Hence, what follows is a general guide on the contents of a research proposal that may be amended to suit the requirements of a particular case.

a) Title of project
The title of a research project reflects what will be performed in the research. Thus, research projects become known by their titles, so it is important to make the titles both brief and meaningful while describing the proposed study. It should not exceed 15 words (Talbot 1995:631).

b) Abstract
The abstract should answer the following questions:
What will be the purpose of the study?
How will the study be conducted (sampling, data collection and data analysis?)
What are

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