Guide For Executive Functioning By Robin Dobrusin And Christopher Shedyak

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WCPA searching for Executive Functioning
By Robin Dobrusin and Christopher Shedyak

Literature: Weekly Calendar Planning Activity (WCPA)

Author: By Joan Toglia, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA

Theory Model: Cognitive Rehabilitation

Objective: A performance-based measure of executive function (EF), and cognitive ability.

Materials Needed: A weekly calendar broken into hourly increments with sub divisions into 15 min increments, scrap paper, pen or pencils, a score chart (provided in the book WCPA) crayons, colored highlighters and erasers are a plus.

Time Required: That is subjective to the age of the population being used with. (see score chart)

Purpose: To observe and measure the Cognitive Ability and Rehabilitation of a clients of various ages with the task of accurately recording a set number of events with different durations accurately and in a timely manner. An observing party would record results and input them into a value scheme to receive a measureable value of the performance of the client.

Format: Make a determination according to age and cognitive development as to which of the three levels WCPA testing is going to be administered, 1 being easy and appointments given are already in order, 2 where more advance skills are needed or 3 where the appointment info is given in a paragraph form and there are conflicting appointment times all requiring more advanced skills. At a writing station with adequate room to see a fully laid out calendar, appointment information…

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