Growing Up With Scientist Parents Essay

973 Words Aug 3rd, 2015 4 Pages
Growing up with scientist parents, I followed them around the world as they pursued their education and careers in scientific research. I was born in Shanghai, as my parents finished their post-bacs degrees, and moved to Japan at the age of two to accompany them as they obtained their PhDs. When I was seven, my family finally settled down in Seattle. These experiences growing up in the different countries and different cultures have broadened my perspective. Having gone to school in three different countries, I have seen the differences in education styles, and have learned different ideologies in learning. Having been immersed in these different countries, I have incorporated different components of each to produce my own identity. I believe that these experiences in my early childhood have really enriched my passion and interests.

At the same time, these challenges from moving were not easy. Struggling to deal with these different cultures, I learned to wade through the unspoken rules of each culture. These obstacles were not solved overnight; I slowly learned to understand, taking the advice of many helpful teachers and mentors. I had to learn how to ask for help and advocate for myself. As a child, it was also difficult for me to understand and support my parents in their research pursuits as I struggled alongside them at school. Many times as a child, I would spend countless hours in my mom’s lab as she worked. At times, my childhood impatience manifested itself as I…

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