Growing Popularity Of International Mba Essays

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Governments around the world spend a huge amount of money on education every year. This includes setting up institutes of higher education or expanding the reach of the ones that already exist. Yet, given a chance, every single student wishing to pursue their MBA from the likes of Stanfords and Harvards of the world will jump at the opportunity. With growing popularity of international MBA, students have more options to choose from, and not limit themselves to only the biggest names alone.

‘International’ MBA
Yet, what does an international MBA offer that a home grown institute degree probably doesn’t? Does the word ‘international’ mean only attending B-schools in the US or Europe? If it does, then why do US or European students reach out to B-schools in other countries to do their MBA?

Experts in the field will explain this word by way of diversity among students in the class. Universities would be wary if their student pool had majority of students from one particular culture, community or country. Hence, you’d notice almost all the B-schools will more or less be open to sharing the diversity of their students in terms of gender, nationality, culture, and the like. Even US and European students prefer to pursue their course from a place that gives them the opportunity to study in a more multi-cultural environment. Then you can basically work with just about anyone, anywhere in the world.

And then of course, it looks good on your CV as well!

Now, let’s come to the…

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