Groups Are An Essential Part Of Our Social Life Essay

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Groups are an essential part of our social life. Groups provide intimate relationships and a sense of belonging, something that we all need. There are two focus groups in which you can specifically place people in; these groups are called primary and secondary groups. An example of a primary group would be family; family can be a small group of people who have given you a sense of identity. Within this group, you typically would have more of an intimate or face-to-face relationship. The second group is a secondary group; these groups tend to be larger and more anonymous. These groups are based on shared interest or activities; an example would be a college class. There are also in-groups and out-groups, which pertain to how you can identify with a group, an in-group are groups we feel loyalty towards; and an out-group is a group that you would feel antagonism towards. Lastly, there are reference groups, which are groups we refer to when we are evaluating our self. For me personally, I am influenced on a daily basis by: primary groups, secondary groups, and reference groups.
My family is a primary group that I belong to. Everyday I am able to come home and have a more personal face-to-face discussion with them since they are my family. It is said that primary groups help to give you a sense of identity and feeling of who you truly are, and I couldn’t agree more. Being with people who you are able to see everyday and who have watched you grow up your entire life is an amazing…

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