Group Work in a Youth and Community Setting Essay

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This essay will analyse the group process of group 1.This group was set up as a task group, to design a poster to advertise the set up of a new group. The group were given 15 minutes to design the poster. When the group first entered the room and read the task, the group started to focus on what needed to be done, the group progressed well however when the task started to get more involved, it was clear that some voices were being heard, and some being ignored. It would have been necessary at this point to introduce ground rules. However on reflection and given the direction that the group took it would have been a more productive step to introduce some basic ground rules as ‘’ groups run better when there is enough order and …show more content…
How we decipher a situation reflects how we act within a group, the high level inference could potentially put the future of the group at risk. By inferring impartially and accurately, it affects the way in which we publicly announce our concern to the group,( Shuman 2005) so intervening to raise discussion on whether they think the way they are acting is productive, is a good start. Using ground rules that the group decided shifts the responsibility of the effectiveness of the work over to the group. This empowers the group, as hopefully it would raise concern that it all depends on them to achieve the task. This is also an opportunity to include new ground rules that can be developed by the group. The second point of call would be to ask the group if they are sure they all understand what the task is and how they are going to do it. Then if the group were unsure, either the facilitator or another group member could explain to the members of the group who are unsure exactly what the task is, and what we are going to do to achieve it. When the group have a comprehensive understanding of the task, and of how they are going to achieve it as a group, I would expect that the group members would be reminded of the ground rules and take responsibility for putting them into practice. When faced with participants who are not engaging in the task and not listening. You can challenge the behaviour, taking into

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