Essay on Group Dynamics : The Film Alive

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Group Dynamics in the Film Alive The film Alive focuses on the plight of a group of people whose plane has crash-landed in the snowy Andes Mountains. Many of the people who were on board were members of the same rugby team from Uruguay. The film follows them as they struggle to work together to survive without adequate supplies. The film focuses on themes of group dynamics such as power, leadership, cohesiveness, and decision-making.
Communication Styles Communication as a whole focuses on relaying a message to others, and there are many types of messages that a person may choose to relay to someone else (Toseland & Rivas, 2012). The types of messages that are used most frequently in Alive are messages concerning where each person stands in relation to others, persuading others and maintaining power. The most common message type was establishing and maintaining power. When the group first finds out that they only have small amounts of chocolate and wine, Antonio decides to have daily rations to make their food last as long as possible. When the group begins to lose hope, many of them take more than their fair share of rations. When Antonio finds out, he is angry and asks the group if he is really their leader, and tells them that he only assumed the role since he is team captain. He says that either he is accepted as the leader, or the survivors can take a vote. Everyone agrees that is the leader. By giving the survivors this ultimatum, Antonio is communicating that he…

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