Grit Essay

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Tyler Mills
Professor Cathy McCarron
How to succeed in Business
In the article “The Five Characteristics of Grit—How Many Do You Have?” (2013) by Maragret M. Perlis, published by Forbes Online, Perlis the author sheds light on the definitions of grit. Perlis believes Angela Duckworth’s ( receiver of the genius grant to study grit) definition of grit is too specific and needs more room for interpretation. The first characteristic described,” courage”, is the concept of not being afraid to fail. As long as one puts forth their best effort, they're taking a step in the right
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One may learn the courage to try a whole new experience, the ability to see the long term goals of college, and the sense of resilience, that when things do become difficult you can have the strength to get back up.
My college experience got off to a very rocky start and I almost never recovered. Perhaps if I had read this article I would have been able to start off with the courage I needed. College is a new sometimes frightening experience which is understandable for student who weeks ago had to ask to use the bathroom. But courage is necessary due to the fact that it’s the first step in removing am individual from their comfort zone. Everything seems scary but once they put themselves out there and remain confident things will slowly become better and better every day. Perlis states " Courage helps fuel grit; the two are symbiotic, feeding into and off of each other…and you need to manage each and how they are functioning together”(Page 1).
In this day and age, everyone wants everything immediately, no waiting, just as fast as possible. But if freshman try to get through college that way they will crash and burn. Which is why it is very important that they look to the future and set long term goals. Freshman won't be able to wait till the last minute to do their homework and nobody is making them do anything. They need to plan ahead, which is something Perlis fails to mention when she

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