Grey's Anatomy: A Role Model On Young Adults

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Every young adult needs a role model in their lives, someone to look up to and learn from their experiences. Not all role models come from the real world, but rather from television. Teenagers look up to popular television stars as positive influences, and want to be like them. Dr. Meredith Grey from the television series Grey’s Anatomy is a positive influence on young adults because she is self-reliant, shows what a true friendship consists of, and is honest. The show Grey’s Anatomy follows the lives of medical interns at the Seattle Grace Hospital and how they manage life at home and work.
Dr. Meredith Grey teaches viewers to be self-reliant. In the show Meredith has a relationship with Dr. Derek Shepherd, their relationship ends up going
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Meredith and Cristina go to each other for everything and will always rely on one another. In the article “The 11 Greatest Female Friendships in Tv History” it states "They're well-rounded characters who fully accept each other. There are no hidden meanings or ulterior motives. And even though they'd never dare get sappy enough to say it, they're soulmates."(Grossman). It is important to always have that one person that can be counted on no matter what. Eventually everybody needs a shoulder to lay on when life seem tough. Their friendship shows viewers what a positive relationship looks like and that it is acceptable to rely on somebody every once in awhile. Having a healthy friendship can boost one’s happiness and self-confidence by always having that one person to cheer you on. On the other hand it shows that being a friend is important to help others, it helps boost self- esteem by knowing that, by being a kind-hearted friend essentially means being an overall generous …show more content…
She will tell it like it is. Sometimes she is a little too honest. With working in the medical field is is extremely important to be honest with patients, not to give them false hope. In any career or life choice honesty is always the best policy. Meredith teaches to tell the truth because lies will only end up hurting somebody in the end. In addition, honesty helps build powerful relationships and shows that one is a trustworthy person. Nobody is going to want to hire, work, or be in a relationship with somebody who is always dishonest. It is best to be established as an honest and trustworthy person to go far in life.
Positive role models play an important part in a person's life. They help lead children on the path of success by allowing them to watch what to do and what not to do. Not all positive role models are real life people, some are fictional. Meredith Grey is a epitome of a positive role model because she is relatable. Furthermore, she has issues just like everyone else and needs to overcome them to the best of her abilities.On the other hand, she teaches young viewers it is alright to let go, but always know that there is someone you can count on. Moreover, always be honest, not just with others, but yourself as

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