Greeting And Jesus 's Departing Speech  Title : A Continuation Of Luke 's Gospel And The Book Of

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1:1–5 Luke introduces his letter to Theophilus and provides the beginning context. Title: Greeting and Jesus’s Departing Speech  Title: A Continuation of Luke’s Gospel and
Jesus is Leaving, but His Spirit Remains Luke, the writer of both the Lukan Gospel and the book of Acts, commences the book of Acts by revealing that this book will differ from the Gospel: in the Gospel, Jesus personally taught; in Acts, Jesus teaches by His Spirit through His people.
Seeing their Master on the verge of leaving, the Apostles were concerned regarding the restoration of the kingdom. By answering that the timing of the restoration is unknown, Jesus had the disciples once again focus on the Holy Spirit. His ascension shocked the disciples still. Again, their focus had to center in the Holy Spirit; thus, angels comforted them regarding the coming of Jesus. Subsequently, they focused on the Holy Spirit.
Not only men acted as disciples by obeying Jesus’s instructions, inclusively, women acted as disciples by obeying Jesus’s instruction. Mary and others returned to Jerusalem to wait for the Holy Spirit. While they waited, they, men and women alike, prayed.
In the midst of prayer, Peter spoke a speech where he stated Davidic references to Judas’s betrayal position and noted that the 12 were now 11. Subsequently, when the Holy Spirit would fall, there would only be 11 Apostles.
Luke explained how Judas died: he allowed his guilt to drive him to his suicide. Peter viewed this as prophetic.…

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