Greenhouse Gases And Global Warming Essay

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Kaan Bardakci
ESL 408 – Professor Jon Meeder
Research Paper 1st Draft
21 April 2015
Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming Since the beginning of the history , humanity has fought with dramatic disease like sharbon , malaria or AIDS , however they prevented harmful effects of these diseases every time .In old times which was before Industrial Revolution , people did not need any machine producing devices like cars , laptops , houses , residances so global warming was not an significant issue or threat for humanity so human power was the most significant figure for the world and It did not pollute environment and atmosphere . Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution , machine power has started to use instead
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“ ( American Scientist : Freeman Dyson ) Greenhouse gases are type of gas which are produced with many human activities such as using of vehicles , using of chemicals like pills for treatments or people can produce these type of gases when they produce electricity from nuclear or termic power plants. The main part of producing is that they are several types of gases in the atmosphere after a while , they joined chemical reactions which occur because of human activities and these gases start to change their structure and these new structures are called greehouse gases. This chemical reaction processes are source of the greehouse effect which will cause changes in the earth from direct or indirect ways.The primary types of greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide , ozone , nitrious oxide ,
Bardakci 2 fluorinated gases and water vapor . According to Inventory of U.S Greenhouse Gas Emission and
Sinks , greenhouse gases affect temperature of the earth extremely . Researches show that “
Without these gases , the atmosphere’s heat average about 34 degrees colder which is about 60 fahrenheit ”. ( U.S Greenhouse Gas Emission and Sinks ) Since the beginning of
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(Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emission and Sinks) Moreover , increasing of the carbon emission provide global warming so scientific information and analyses show that releasing of the greenhouse gases provide climate change in the earth. Increasing of the earth’s average temperature is called global warming.It is the result of greenhouse gases releasing so It cause extremely climate changes in the earth , in addition global warming affect atmospheric pressure from direct and indirect ways and this changing cause destructions of animal’s life habbits.According to Natural Resources Defence Council , due to the climate model projections during the 21st century the global surface temperature is likely to rise a further 0.3 to 1.7 °C . ( Natural Resources Defence Council ) Global warming enables that rising of the sea levels , ocean addification , changing or destruction of the animals’ life habbit and creation of the subtropical desserts.On the other hands ninty five percent of the global warming is produced by human activities. Humans use all of the fossil and renewable sources

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