Green Ads Vs. Green Advertisements Essay

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Presented in the media, green ads are being shown more often than usual. It wouldn’t be a surprise, if you were to turn on your television and see an advertisement on a hybrid car promoting its use for being safe for our environment. Although that won’t be the case for all cars promoting have safe their cars is, but that shouldn’t be someone’s concern. In ‘’Car Advertising-Dominating Nature’’ from Alan Foljambe, green ads allow consumers to imagine the bond automobiles and nature have in common. Through showing how an automobile will not disrupt the flow of nature. Also, the image green ads fantasize of cruising in a secluded area. And car companies clearly know the true purpose consumers will purchase their car. So, its true car companies may fib a bit in their advertisement, but their purpose isn’t to harm anyone. Many car markets are going green. Whether the car is electric or runs on natural gases, they’re trying so hard to make a difference in the environment and getting everyone on board. Alan Foljambe, the author the text, ‘’Car-Advertising- Dominating Nature’’ points out how there are two types of ‘’green’’ car advertisement. The quotation marks within green is used lightly because Mr. Foljambe mentions how these green ads will show their deepest concern for nature and ‘’tough trucks’’ dominating the landscape (246). One point green ads will surely present, is how automobiles are not there to attack the environment. So, with careful construction and adjust to the…

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