Essay on Greek Philosophers

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“From love is born life, and yet, from life is learned the art of how to love.” When my eyes first gazed over this sentence, my mind lit up with interest. I just sat beside myself in thought. I imagined life being born, waking up to a world of unknown. Using all senses to explore, learn and adjust.

Amir Sabzevary had an interesting view on how we could picture the world. The world can be owned but shared and most of all, the world is to be looked at as a place of experiments. Everything is a learning experience but without experimenting we wouldn’t learn. Amir also explains how you must listen but before you can learn, one must be silent. Which I believe is true.

I once heard the expression, “the older the wiser”. Growing up I was
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Epicurus thought we made three mistakes when regarding happiness. He claimed that we thought romantic, sexual relationships made us happy, but he learned to understand that there was a lot of cheating, bitterness, jealousy and sadness surrounding relationships.

Aristotle and Epicurus both had an understanding that friends play a big role in our lives. Having true friends bring out the real person in us. There are no boundaries with true friends. Which is why Aristotle and Epicurus saw having friends a must for happiness. Although Epicurus and Aristotle both agreed on friends making a difference for the common good. Aristotle studied what made people good while Epicurus wanted to know. What made people happy, what’s fun?

The approach that Aristotle had on philosophy and life in general is a way of how I like to view things. Why does this work? How does this work? Why does this work here but does not work there? “What makes the world go around”, so to speak. I like how Aristotle thought that we should look at successful people and see the virtues in them. Study successful people and carry that knowledge over to ourselves and others.

I see the world today studying successful people and trying to learn from it. With all the social media, people are able to take a closer glimpse into one’s life and learn from it. I will

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