Rube Goldberg Machine: An Analysis

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Over the past few years the Greeks have affected the society by contributing primarily their advanced technology. Many of their advanced technology consisted of simple machines such as the lever, screw, cranes, and gears. These simple machines allowed the performance of work be held effortlessly. In my Rube Goldberg Machine we demonstrated the key aspects, of the ancient Greeks society by focusing on the five different components and representing their advanced technological accomplishments.

Ancient Greece the native home of western civilization contrived the most advanced technological features that people have ever seen. As shown in page 5 from the report of (n.d.). L'AnticoPédie .Greeks used a variety of advanced technology such as pulleys,
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As demonstrated from the report (n.d.). Greece Civilization. Some of the complex institutions that started developing was religion and government .Greeks religion had several gods and several goddess that supposedly controlled the lives of the Greeks. Their government had a variety type of government such as democracy, monarchy and Oligarchy. Alternatively Greeks complex institution consisted of socialization, economic, and political influence that supposedly help the Greeks live a fair life. As a result of my Goldberg Machine we represented their religious beliefs by incorporating the lever to represent the lever as a metaphor depending on the changes of the place. For example when the place of the lever was in the middle that meant that life in ancient times was deficient. Once the lever position started to move past one side that meant that the Greeks started worshipping the gods and goddess more often and made life of the Greeks supposedly …show more content…
According to the report of (n.d.). My Webspace files. Ancient Greek Philosophy. For example the Greeks alphabet wasn’t originally only made by the Greeks but created by the Hebrew, Semites and Phoenicians. Later on the Phoenicians then passed the alphabet to the Greeks in which the Greeks improve the alphabet by creating vowels. In addition to creation of the alphabet reading and writing was a major role when utilizing scribes especially in the use of government record keeping and certain specialized labor. In addition to representing my Goldberg machine we used Greeks philosophy to represent our incline plane because throughout the Greeks tradition the Greeks influenced a major impact on the Western Philosophical

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