600 BCE-600 CE: How Did Humans Influence Their Environment

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How did humans interact with and influence their environment, and conversely, how did the environment affect humans.

Throughout 600 BCE- 600 CE the environment affected human’s gods, wars, migrations, culture, and food. At the core of each civilization’s culture is it’s religions. The environment as it usually does, affected earlier civilizations drastically. In the early Latin civilizations, the worshipped maize, a corn like crop that they lived and died on. This naturally was translated into gods, as food was a necessity. This same necessity was also seen in Polynesia with yams, a food that was drastically needed at all times. The environment also had a huge part in the Athenian’s defeat of the Persians, as they moved their army and people
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The spread of christianity in Rome, the great library in Alexandria, new technologies, and different political and social ideologies were just some of the cultural elements of 600 BCE-600 CE. The spread of Christianity through Rome started when Jesus died in 33 CE. It then spread using Rome’s impeccable infrastructure of roads and trade routes. It spread orally, and then was transfered years later into the New Testament, a compiling of Jesus’s teachings. Another culturally significant place was the Library of Alexandria, which housed the largest stockpile of knowledge in the world, detailing many cultures. Greece was the forefront in progressive technology at the time, with innovative ideals such as democracy, and a wealth of famous philosophers such as Socrates. There were many technological advancements, such as better siege weapons, aqueducts, and triremes. In Polynesia, the austronesians used their advanced outrigger canoes to spread their people and their culture across many miles of open water. These technological advances and cultural progressiveness helped these expanding civilizations thrive, or they helped them

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