How Did Ancient Civilization Contribute To Western Civilization

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Contribution of the Ancient near East to Western Civilization

Contribution of the ancient civilization to history: a lot of ideas and the inventions of the

early man were important to history and how they evolved and gave rise to new and more

complex ideas and inventions are very imperative to history. With time, these early advancement

brought a lot of people into a more efficient living conditions resulting in higher population and

even the spread of cultural, political, social and economic ideas within a large area.

The ancient Near East for a long time was considered the cradle of western civilizations

this was mainly because it was the first to practice intensive agriculture. It gave western

countries and even the rest of
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And as a result of the growth in the level of

agriculture, early farmers were able to support the greater population of the urban centers.

Changing functions of women in the ancient civilization: A woman cannot be herself in

the present day exclusively masculine society. It was a common phenomenon in many of the

organized ancient civilization to get a primary patriarchal civilization in the ruling government

and even among the societies. The causing factor could be associated with many other different

reasons. The main reason is the Neolithic Revolution and the new-found manpower dependence.

Christianity refashioned classical legacies through creating a lot of new rituals and even

practices that were of great importance and had a lot of meaning to people (Marie, de France and

Glyn 174). The migration of the Germans, Huns and Celts started arriving at the frontier and to

the border of the Roman lands during the fifth century. This was mainly because of the scarcity

of the food resources and even threats that were imposed by the eastern nomadic invaders.


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