Heraclitus And Parmenides Comparison Essay

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A Philosophical Stand-Off
The pre-Socratic philosophers were among the first to lay the foundation upon which our current beliefs and philosophies were built upon. These philosophers of ancient Greece were some of the very first scholars to apply logic to the universe and attempt to rationalise the world around them. Just the thought that these individuals had such a colossal ability to infer, with regard to the era they presided in and the resources accessible to them, is simply remarkable. Their resolve to make sense of their chaotic world created the pathway toward present time scientific deduction and inferences. And it is for these very feats, are these philosophers are remembered from throughout time. While many of these philosophers
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Heraclitus believes in the reality of change, whereas Parmenides views change is a lie and non-existent. While Heraclitus’s themes seem closer to the current laws of science, Parmenides seems to be arguing from a perspective of permanence and order, whereas Heraclitus embraces the chaotic nature of the world. Their arguments have transcended time and managed to be of relevance even today, because we are still in the same state of unknowing as there were, regardless of all the technological advances in our time. Because the universe and reality is vast existence to explore. With regards, to plausibility, Heraclitus’ philosophies seem closer to the reality that I live in because our society as a whole has accepted the idea of change and motion as part of the core fundamental laws of physics. However, it cannot be said that Parmenides’ theories are any less valid because of how radical they seem to be. Because he, too, states a valid point of how we create the reality we (want to) see, which also seems to align with our recent undeveloped theories of relativity. I believe that Parmenides’ views would also be looked upon with favour by several scientists in present time because of how vague and unsolved the concept of reality is to us. While Heraclitus’ philosophies have evolved to become laws in our present, Parmenides’ philosophies might aim to be the key foundation to solving the riddle that is legitimacy of our reality in the

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