Essay on Greek Heroic Period Of Ancient Greece

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Laila Tatum

Mrs. Beachler

World History

09 March 2016

The Greek Heroic Period

The Greek Heroic Period spans roughly from 1200–750 B.C.E(Thirlwall).Greek heroes were, and continue to be, an important part of Ancient Greece, because of their supernatural accomplishments, mental, and physical strength. In addition to that, heroes are significant because they served as role models for the Greeks, but also expressed their own personal struggles; like private doubts, and accepting fate. The Greeks worshipped heroes because they could understand their struggle, but were also in awe of their ability to overcome obstacles and the power that they possessed. The Greek heroic period had a significant effect on the religious worship, literature, and art of Ancient Greece.

The race of Greek heroes is comprised of two main species. “Demigods, which were a part mortal, part immortal mix of Greek god and human (Greek Heroes).” The other breed consisted of historical figures who were raised to a divine status after their deaths. Greek heroes were thought of as less violent and vindictive, than gods who lived on Mount Olympus. In addition to that, they served as a portrait that Greeks could aspire to be like. “The term “hero” comes from the Ancient Greeks(Labarge).” A hero was deemed as someone who had accomplished something extraordinary beyond the normal measurement of human capacity, and deserved to be exalted. However, there is a large difference between the modern…

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