Greek Art Essay

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Greek culture has resonated through time and inspired almost all forms of art that exist currently. It’s one of the most influential eras for art itself, being the first truly complex art with specific scientific formulas. In the span of the Greek culture there were numerous phases and developments in the intellectual meaning of art and style. The social dynamic evolved over time time and changed the way art is perceived. The three specific styles of art that emerged during the greek era, which includes Archaic, Classical, and Hellenic.

The Archaic period lasted between 600-480 B.C, and it was the inauguration of vast accomplishment of art and literature. Innovations such as detailed architecture, poetry and religious temples became an immensely crucial foundation for the evolution of Greece. (Stokstad 105) The temple of Aphaia
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The kingdoms were very distant from each other and controlled by bureaucrats, and although the age began after Alexander’s death, making it fairly short-lived was still influential. (Hemingway) In this era sculpture took on more striking positions and hard line and shadow, making them more emotional and dramatic. (Greek)
Art in the Hellenistic period focused on emotional and more human psychology as well as religion, unlike mostly mythological and fables. (Greek) Sexuality also became more acceptable, many female nude sculptures and even hermaphrodites were depicted, also human emotion became important. (Greek) Things like emotion, posture, feelings and environment became important to artists at the time. The human condition became a focal point, due to the alienation many individuals felt because of distance and poor leadership of settlements attributed to Alexanders huge conquests. (Greek) Many see this as a intermediate era, rather it had its own importance and has resonated through the

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