Essay On Ancient Greek Architecture

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Ancient Greek architecture can be divided into three major periods: the Archaic period (700-480 BC), the Classical period (480-323 BC), and the Hellenistic Period (323-146 BC). All three periods reflect the culture of that time in Ancient Greece and follow the advancements in Greek society. For example, sculptures from different periods have different aesthetics. This means that the idea of what is beautiful changed in Greek culture over time. Art and architecture of Ancient Greece also reflects the beliefs, thoughts, and advancements of their culture. Ancient Greek Culture, as seen in their art, is different from our own Western culture in various regards. First of all, the idea of what is considered beautiful in Ancient Greece is very different from what is considered beautiful in our own Western culture. Also, Ancient Greek religion, as represented in their art and architecture differs from our own, predominately Christian, Western culture. During the Archaic period of Greek culture, sculptures took on an Egyptian influence. This can be seen in their stylized hair and rigid, frontal stance with one foot forward and hands clenched at their side. The idea of beauty during the Archaic period is clearly illustrated by the various Kouroi. The Kouroi are nude and are oftentimes monumental in order to make them more …show more content…
So, it is no surprise that the idea of what it means to be beautiful is one of the biggest differences between Ancient Greek culture and our own Western culture. The Greek ideal for god-like, athletic, and fertile bodies can be contrasted by the ideals of the fashion industry of Western culture that prizes tall and thin models. Though the definition of beauty has changed, the preoccupation with the idealized body still

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