Grandpa's Ability To Go Into A Nursing Home

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The woman walked up to her kids. She had a little son and three little girls. All of them had not lost anyone close to them, or have they ever had anyone get hurt enough that they had to go to the hospital. She had all of them sit on the couch. “Well Grandpa has to go into a nursing home, Grandma can not take care of him no more.” The woman said it with such a nice calm voice. Even though it was a really bad thing, she just made it sound like no big deal, but inside she was freaking out, because her dad was going into a nursing home because he was very ill. That woman would be my Mom. She was able to smile a little to help her four innocent kids, my siblings. My little brother was only 3 and my two sister were 12 and 8, I was only 10. Grandpa …show more content…
My dad, mom, and two sisters were going.
I told my mom “no because I was not feeling good” But in fact I was really upset that my Grandpa was still ill and that he was not getting any better. So instead of going to the hospital I stayed at my grandma 's house to watched my brother and played cards with my Grandma.
My family got back around 3 and we were eating dinner. My mom got a call from my uncle saying that Grandpa was not doing good and that we should go up there. My mom and grandma left just minutes after getting off the phone. My dad was left with me and my siblings. It was getting around 6. My dad told me to draw a bath for my little brother because he was dirty, and when we get home it would be late. It was around 6:30 and something was happening my dad was getting upset because it was not looking good.
6:40 my dad sat all three girls on the grayer-than-a elephant couch. He was joking around with us then we heard a ring and my dad phone lit up. He flipped up his black phone and read the text.
I do not know what it said but next thing I know my dad said “ Grandpa is gone he is not with us any more” When he told us that it was like time stopped. All I could think is that I messed up I could have seen him but I

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