Graffiti Can Actually Be A Good Thing For Cities Research Paper

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Ever seen art on the on the side of the building? Or art pieces on walls in the city? This art is called graffiti and the community have different views on this style of art. People always view graffiti in a negative way. But let’s say this view graffiti in another way like looking at it without thinking about the negativity, instead view the creativity and the beauty of the the art. Graffiti is art because graffiti could have a positive effect on people, graffiti could send a message, and not all graffiti are always “gang” related. Not only that graffiti can send positive vibes but also change the viewer’s point of view on graffiti. People do not see how graffiti is shown in a positive way people always view graffiti as negative and gang related. According to HuffingtonPost the article “Graffiti Can Actually Be A Good Thing For Cities” by Cameron Keady, Good News Associate Editor at Huffington Post. “But little is paid to the ways graffiti is harnessed for good in a form that’s both constructive and authentic” according to Patrick Verel, Journalist and Photographer, who told The Huffington Post. “This is a …show more content…
According to the article “Graffiti Police… Tagging the streets to send a positive message” by Avon and Somerset Police Stencil. Tagging could give off a positive message to people who see their message. “Avon and Somerset Police launched a new campaign, Hate has no home here, to provide victims and bystanders with the confidence to spot and report a hate crime”. This shows how graffiti could show positivity and boost others confidence and could make them do something good throughout their day. “Hate crime and discrimination have no place in any part of Bristol” Bristol Mayor told Avon and Somerset Police Stencil. Even the Mayor of Bristol agreed with the idea of tagging for positivity. Graffiti can send many different types of positive to boost people in confidence and

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