Graffiti Intervention Strategy For Caringbah High School Essay

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Report 2: Graffiti intervention strategy for Caringbah High School

The North Campus of Caringbah High School is an abandoned building in Caringbah, New South Wales (NSW) that is used for recreational art by the community, also known as graffiti (Walker and Johnston, 2014). The building is considered private property, and is not classified as a legal sanction for graffiti. However, this building has the potential to become a legal mural for the Caringbah community. This report will outline the positive impacts that can occur from legal graffiti murals and positive attitudes towards graffiti within a community.

Reason for intervention:
The mural intervention was chosen as a sole focus within this report due to the occurrence of positive feedback from other councils. In 2010, communities surrounding May Lane in St Peters, New South Wales raised concerns regarding anti-social behaviour occurring within the area. In 2010, May Lane was known for it’s notorious criminal activities including drug use, theft, littering and property damage from illegal graffiti, as well as the concern for potential health risks from aerosol fumes. To combat these activities, community meetings, surveys and upgrading the design of Mary Lane (Crime prevention through environmental design [CPTED]) were carried out. This resulted in the development of alternative graffiti schemes (Transport and Urban Planning, 2014).

To develop these strategies, scholar Cameron Mcauliffe assisted Marrickville council…

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