Graduation Speech : Teaching Math Essay

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When Mrs. Laura was teaching math, she used the smart board to write all the problems. She would then call up the children and had them write the answer on the smart board. The children had little dry erase boards in front of them so they can try to figure out on their own the answer. Each day, the children would count each number on the number chart and then add a new number as the days went by. So by the end of the school year, they were able to count up to the number 180. By the end of the school year, each child knew how to count to 180 by one’s and ten’s. One activity she played with the children was counting with marbles. She was able to use them for addition and subtraction. This activity provided a visual for the children that helped them better understand the concept of addition and subtraction. Mrs. Laura would send math homework every other day so the kids could practice at home.
When Mrs. Jan taught math, she provided the children with worksheets and had them experiment on their own. She would teach the problem first and then let the children work on the worksheets independently. After the children finished their worksheet, Mrs. Jan would have the teacher’s assistant and the lead teacher’s assistant check their work. Each day, Mrs. Jan would play a video on a math topic (addition and subtraction) and the children would sing along to the song. Listening to the catchy song made it easier for the kids to memorize the answers to the problems. To teach them about…

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