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The discussion of Maths being compulsory is not something that anyone can conclude in an essay.
Mathematics is wonderful, phenomenal mind developer, empower the study of other subjects, is a necessary component of any career, everyone needs to undertake an advanced study of math. It is quite a fair point to say math and history are on the same style and structure. human is normally sensitive to similarity as pattern and structure are what actually built mathematics. Mathematics is not a matter of remembering formulae to do long multiplication, solve harder equations or find the volume of a cuboid. Mathematics is the art of using those hard formula at the right time and the right question. Those might be important to achieve, but patterns identifying,
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The answer to that is fairly simple, Maths is mother and backbone of all sciences. Benefits of maths in sprightly day life is uncountable, the post modern life of today is built based on the advancements of technology so the younger generation are in need of learning mathematic deeper than ever.
Numeracy and technology are growing a lot faster than could be imagined, so the opportunity of studying maths at school should be highly appreciated by students. In a way it should encourage them more and more to increase their level of awareness. Mathematics is a pyramid where the top of it is designed by applications of mathematic to health and wealth, however the wider the sides goes the higher the pyramid becomes.
Even though maths is the vernacular of science, its still the least engaging subject taught in school. Finding math really boring and frustrating makes students see no points of doing it either at school or home.
Thinking that maths is irrelevant to life is one the mistakes made by the majority of students. There is no way of defining sciences without using mathematics, that itself could justify why maths should be compulsory in
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Students often feel under pressure and depressed which is usually caused by loss of confidence in certain topics.Providing extra support for teachers is essential, they need to be in the position of having many methods for teaching in order to handle the classroom according to class needs. Research in teaching needs to be expanded and distributed in more teaching forum areas, exchanging ideas is a necessary step that all teachers should take in order to share their objectives. A wider public understanding of maths and its applications is needed.
Surprisingly the stress caused by poor maths skills will disappear the moment children start feeling they are carrying a solid maths level. The amazing moment a child says “maths is fun”
Coming down to parents’ teaching/coaching skills, there are two main issues with the majority of their teaching styles:
• Narrowing their focus, as they often tend to exceed the limit of emphasizing on arithmetic’s, which usually causes a massive misinterpretation by

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