Graduation Speech : Teaching Etiquette And Dining At Each Level

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We will take a few minor and major fieldtrips each year. These fieldtrips will consist of driving to neighborhoods where they can visually see success, going to local corporations so they can visualize who working class people are and the road stories of what it took to get them to their current place in life. Fieldtrips will be taken to different levels of restaurants to learn etiquette and dining at each level. We will visit companies based on the interests and outcomes of the career test results for each student. This will give the students exposure and an understanding of what these positions consists of. I will arrange for a hands on Varner 12 experience in each career field of interest for each student. Prior to these visits we will research and study each career path to give students insight and knowledge of the educational path that will be required in order to succeed. While in Middle School, we will began to plan for college. I will prepare students for all aspects of attending college, pros and cons of campus life as well as learning how to complete college applications, scholarships and other avenues of college funding. Students will be exposed to other avenues of career paths such as military, technical studies, entrepreneurship, etc. While we know a college education is not for everyone, I want to make sure they have all success options for their future is given.
Paying it Forward: Upon graduation, students…

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