Graduation Speech : School And Returning At The Classroom As A Student

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Ms. Diane cherished school and returning to the classroom as a student, rather than the teacher was not an obstacle. She was qualified to start to "hit the books", with no issue. The first step to starting her new career was discovering the suitable school for her success. According to Ms. Diane, when she was returning to college, in the early 60s communities college such as Chattanooga State Community College did not exist. Moreover, this reason drove her to elect to attend Cleveland State to begin her nursing career. When she completed all her preriquisites, she applied for the nursing program and was ecstatic when her acceptance letter arrived. The following semester, she began nursing school, and it was the beginning of a long successful career. “I enjoyed the school part, but when it came to clinical, I must admit I was intimated”. She was intimated by the fact that her nursing class consisted of experienced licensed practical nurses. Experience was a quality that gave those licensed practical nurses a head start over her. Furthermore, she described the hospitals as a “foreign country” to her. She had to learn her way around fast to not be left behind. She elucidated that she was able to relate more to the patients than to the staff. “It was a difficult transition going from being the patient to being the person [nurse] in charge of someone’s life”. The beginning of the semester, the first thing the students were taught was how to properly make a hospital bed --…

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