Graduation Speech : Paid For Your Grade Essay

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Paid for Your Grade
Most schools have been met with the problem of getting their students to do well on tests, such as advanced placement exams. Causes seem to be anywhere between a clear lack of motivation, or just an inability to understand the work. A student’s grades are simply not always a decent enough drive to do as best as they can, or even show up for that matter. One method for motivating students, cash incentives, is starting to become popular among schools, and is seemingly successful in most of its trial runs. But does it truly work as intended? Providing money in exchange for good test scores, grades, or any other school achievements can have numerous effects in how students, and even teachers, learn or work, although not every effect is a positive one.
Among the beneficial effects for cash incentives would be that students would make a greater effort to study, work hard, or learn what their teachers attempt to show them. Many studies and tests have shown that money, among other rewards, can be an excellent motivator for struggling students. One school, for example, the South High Community School, had very few students that were eligible for college credit in their classes. Attempting to remedy the situation, they got assistance from the National Math and Science Initiative, who helped them add a cash incentive system. Anyone who took and passed the advanced placement exams would receive a hundred dollars. The change resulted in a dramatic twenty percent…

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