Graduation Speech - Original Writing Essay

1096 Words Jun 5th, 2016 5 Pages
Welcome parents, super soldiers, relatives, staff, secret Hydra agents,and distinguished guests to our eighth grade graduation. When I was told that I would have to write a speech, I will admit that I was not overly excited about it. But, as some of you may know, I’ve been at this school since kindergarten, almost nine years, but I still remember my first day pretty well.
I had just moved to the neighborhood in July, which only added to my excitement of starting school. Like a normal five year old, I wasn’t too worried about the change. Instead I was more worried about finally making so many new friends! Little did I know, that eventually they would grow to become more of a family to me than a group of friends. First grade. I had finally gotten a hang of this whole school thing, and found lots of friends, but perhaps the best part of it was that I discovered that I loved to read. Sure, I loved books before, but now that I could finally read them, a spark was lit. Now, I find myself reading just about everything I can get my hands on, and I’ve gotten to the point that I need a new bookshelf at home. Fast forwarding to 5th grade, I discovered another interest of mine, science. Before fifth grade, I wasn’t really interested in science, the only thing I did related to it being collecting various rocks. But for some reason, when we were sitting in class one day, something inside me clicked. Now, I’m happy to say that that year helped me to realize my future career choice,…

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