Graduation Speech - Original Writing Essay

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“When I first met you I thought you were gay,” said yet another friend.

“When I first met you I thought you were a judgemental bitch, looks like we were both right,” I so desperately wanted to say, but that would mean outing myself. Unable to use my hilarious and witty response, I was forced to say, “Uh thanks?”

“Well I don 't think you are now,” she said, making sure to emphasizing now, “and I used to think you were hot until we got to know each other.”

“Thought as in past tense? Why does my stunning personality outshine my award winning smile?”

“Oh you know, you 're just you.”

The bell rang and she scuttled to her next class. I saw no indication that she was embarrassed at her complete lack of social skills, but one can hope. The second she left I was going over every interaction I’d had with her to see what I could have done to hint that I was something other than a raging heterosexual.
I wish that this was an isolated event, but interactions like this have plagued me since the fifth grade, but others weren’t always as friendly as she was.
My fellow middle schoolers were even more homophobic than my Catholic father. The first day they were already questioning my attraction for the opposite sex, it was more accusatory than questioning. Their insults were as weak as their game, mostly just 3 letter slurs, but they still cut in to me.Their insults were far less painful than being choked, which typically coincided with the verbal attacks.
The dirty, yellow lanyard…

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