Essay on Graduation Speech On High School And College

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Did any time elapse between high school and college or have you left any school or college voluntarily for an extended period of time?

Please give a detailed explanation.
Well, the main reason why I left the college was plain and simple, money. I did not have enough capital to support myself, and my family was also having a hard time pay my tuition due to the extraordinary amount of fees that the college makes you pay. After my leave of absence, I desperately looked for places where I could earn my money. First I went to Korea and served as an English teacher. Then I moved to a music academy where I taught general music and mostly guitar (and other instruments such as piano and vocal). After about a year in Korea, I came back to the US and started working as an assistant sushi chef. I have been creating music the whole time and it is still on going. However, it has been a long time since I have been uploading any music on my PeacefulK account, but I will be starting soon after my life becomes a bit more stable.

Briefly, please indicate the most influential factors in your original decision to attend your present college, such as location, cost, size of student body, only option, special program offered, Early Decision plan, etc.
I was young, and I did not have the understanding of financial difficulty when I went to the t Berklee College of Music. I thought our family was well enough to go there, so the college tuition fee was not part of my factors. The major factor…

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