Essay on Graduation Speech : My New Journey

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Thank you for choosing me to be your Life Coach, I’m honored to be a part of your wondrous new journey!

Today is a new beginning of YOU! I’m excited for the opportunity to assist you as you begin your new life-changing journey of transforming your life and body to that of your dreams. Over the upcoming months, you will be inspired to reach new heights and will begin to shift in wondrous ways, which will enable you to fully create and manifest intentionally.

I’ve attached an emotional clearing and goal setting tools to help you get started, these exercises (I’ll explain more about that in just a moment) will help prepare to get the most out of your coaching. How It Works

Over the next four weeks I will email you a Life Lesson Monday through Friday to assist your expansion and growth, which will offer tools to fill your toolbox with. The Life Lessons will focus on the body, mind, or spirit to assist you in accomplishing your goals. The lessons will help you ponder and shift your energy to match your higher self, thus increasing your faith and trust in your innate ability to accomplish your dreams.

Each Monday morning I will attach to my emails a weekly meal menu and workout routine, which can be used as examples of what to eat and how to exercise, or you can incorporate them into your lifestyle; either way, they will be a guide to assist you in creating new habits to live a happy, healthy, LivFit Lifestyle.

In addition to the Life Lessons, and the weekly diet menus…

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