Graduation Speech : My Greatest Accomplishment Essay

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My Greatest Accomplishment

When I graduated from high school that was the best time of my life from that moment forward I knew then I better prepare myself adulthood because now is about to hit me really tough fresh out of high school some of us is pressured to go to college by our parents and family members because they want to see us do something good with our lives and not just out here living like we do not have lives so they gave me an extra push through out school starting off in elementary I was a trouble checkout I got expelled in the fifth grade a day before graduation so I didn 't get to walk across the stage in elementary more middle school but that 's OK I knew I had to better myself and I knew what I had to do it wanted to do what I wanted to do so in middle school my life didn 't get any better I was still a troubled child in and out of alternative school I wasn 't headed down the right path so I had to learn the hard way when my high school year came we moved every 6 months to a year which made me lose credits so I had to work harder than the other kids darting in the 10th grade I stated doing credit recovery which is a program provided for kids who is behind in school it gives you a chance to catch up after I finished my 10th grade year at central I moved to Jacksonville and started attending Jacksonville high school for my junior and senior year junior year went very well that summer I had got my very first job at Little Caesars In Jacksonville That was…

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