Graduation Speech : High School Essay

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As a young adult who’s passion is school, my desire for education has always sifted my ideals away from teenage criterion. Ever since elementary school, my extreme focus to schoolwork made my overall personality different; when asked by my third grade teacher about our favorite hobbies during the summer, my answer was reading at the Peabody Public Library, whereas other students raved about their vacations to tropical paradises. Despite my love for learning, I wasn’t the most intelligent student. Competitive pressure is found in a higher volume at high school though, because several of my peers want to win the race to become the valedictorian. I have participated in that race, pushing myself for three years to complete my goal of being in the top ten. After the first trimester of my freshman year of high school I received my transcript and to my dismay, had a class rank of 43. Immediately I made my biggest personal goal in high school - to be in the top ten of my graduating class. I achieved that goal in the beginning of the second trimester of my junior year, at slot number 9. Currently, however, I reside number 8 in my class. Thus far high school has been one of the most beneficial experiences in my life, shaping me into a mature young lady, eager to conquer any tribulation that might arise. Given a chance to adjust one thing about my education at Columbia City High School, I would substitute the need for social classes among students for an atmosphere of total…

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