Graduation Speech : High School Essay

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When I was still in the 7th grade, my middle school began to send me to the local high school to take classes because they did not offer a rigorous enough curriculum. This was in large part due to my school district lacking the funding to diversify the classes they offered. I was not the first student in my district to do so, in fact, there were a few students that I knew personally that had been sent to the high school while they were in middle school. I saw their frustration when they, as sophomores, had already taken the most challenging math and English courses the high school offered and there was nothing at a higher level left for them to take in those subjects. I saw smart, ambitious, hardworking students in a school system that was unable to meet their needs. However, despite there being many issues in my local school district, I still had the privilege of having some very motivated, determined teachers. They inspired my interest in academics and motivated me to do more of my own research into subjects that interested me. They would stay after school with students and help them with subjects in which they struggled. Although many of them were frustrated at the lack of funding their schools received, they never gave up on their students. It is because of those teachers that I became as academically motivated as I am today
I think every student should have an equal opportunity for education, whether they live in a wealthy school district or an economically…

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