Why Do High School Students Drop Out

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Dropping out of high school is not necessarily a problem solver. Making the choice to dropout may release a small amount of stress, yet also ending many opportunities to become prosperous. It would not be enjoyable living in poverty or at least close to it.Dropping out can cause many problems physically and emotionally down the road. It could make life more complicated in multiple ways. Although high school students drop out by choice, high schoolers should have to stay in school. Americans today don’t seem to be as educated as they used to. Millions of high schoolers are dropping out every year, The reason for that may be problems at home or with friends or simply just because of stress. These issues could lead to living poorly and being unhappy with life which could make things harder than usual. Teachers and principals will not take the blame for the amount of dropouts there have been over the years. Principals have yet to enforce the rules in a …show more content…
Teachers and principals will not blame themselves,though they are a large portion of the problem and should possibly discuss the issue. People that may strike luck or maybe happen to be very intelligent, such as Donald Murray, that dropout may become successful based on the talents those people carry. Parents need to convince teachers and principals to get together to discuss the issues on student dropouts before the numbers increase and America’s intelligence disappears completely due to all of the students that do not want to be in school, the cause being personal or not. The rules at school need to be enforced in a bigger way, letting students know that they will be punished for any unaccepted actions. High schoolers should not be allowed to drop out regardless on if it is the student 's choice or not. Dropping out can lead to a much harder life with less money, more complications, and higher chances of becoming

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