Graduation Speech : High School Essay

1341 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 6 Pages
Good evening fellow grads, teachers, families and friends, I would like to thank you all for giving me the honour of speaking at our commencement ceremony.

As I stand before you today and look upon the 400+ students of my own graduating class I must confess something. While I would love to stand here and reminisce over all the pleasant experiences we shared together, from sports games, to spirit assemblies, to academic activities, cracking some jokes along the way, the truth is that any such action would feel disingenuous and superficial. Despite being in the same building for the past 4 years, perhaps even participating in similar events, every graduating student in this room has had a vastly different high school experience, and vastly different perceptions of this same time period. For some, high school was incredible: full of amazing friends, fun, formative experiences, academic, social and athletic involvement and leaving WCI is filled with sadness and nostalgia. For others, high school was the opposite, a miserable time, full of academic and personal struggles, unable to connect, unable to get involved and leaving it has felt like liberation. Most fall somewhere in the middle of this spectrum, but the point is that the only thing that all of us 2016 grads have in common is the fact that we have received an education from Waterloo Collegiate Institute and now that’s it, we’re out, graduated at last (or in the case of the 5th years, almost out).

But while this may…

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