Graduation Speech : High School And College Essay

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High school and college is two different education level. They create many diverse characteristics of each factor such as in teaching, learning environment, and academic systems. So how do these different things affect to students ' academic? Each factor comes from good motives that hope all students to be successful, however, when students facing with what the school or college systems provided, some of them find the benefits very helpful in academic and some only see the negatives which is affecting to their academic. Indeed, students are directly interact with the different factors from both high school and college, which bring them different effects.

I never forget my first day of school in America, I still remember my uncle told me that we have free education from 1st grade to 12th grade, this made me have more confident to keep go to school because I don’t have to pay anything like in my country. However, when I completed my high school, I knew that college cost very high. I was considered go straight to work, no college, but my advisor helped me to do the FAFSA, and lucky for me that my parents were low-income, which helped me covered my college tuitions. Tuition is a big issue make students thinking keep attending college or dropout, that is why in the article, “Why do students drop out of College?” by Mark, Mark is a nationally recognized financial aid expert, he analyze the main factor make students thinking about drop out of college is low-socioeconomic. For…

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