Graduation Speech : Grad Council Essays

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Grad Council has taught me to take more initiative.(I took up the responsibility of managing our social media account for the group when everyone else were reluctant to.) Grad Council motivates me to be more proactive as a member of the academic community.Greatest experiences that demonstrated to me that I am capable of managing for a meaningful cause and working in a team.At school, I also ran for girls rep. I used to be a very shy student, but after trying to run for girls rep, I have come to a new understanding. I learnt to speak out and get my voice heard. In the end, even though I did not win, the experience has a lasting positive impact on me. From then on, I choose to sit in the front row for my classes, participate more in class discussions,more confident in speaking and more willing to join in. Experience transformed me into a much stronger person. Outside of school,I pushed out of my comfort zone and stood up for myself when I encountered injustice. Made me realize that the world might be full of obstacles but by overcoming them, I discovered the endless potential and possibilities that I have.
I read many self improvement books the previous school year. From the books that I have read, I have learnt that it is not how other people see me, but how I see myself as a person. I started doing more of the things I enjoyed in life. However, in my community, academic grades are very important. One would be judged if their report card is not all A 's. To me, grades are…

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