Graduation Speech : Elementary Education Essay example

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Students go into school with the expectation that a 4-year degree is what is needed in order to succeed in our life. Something that can be forgotten is that education can come through multiple avenues. Through both informal and formal educational experience I have found that I’ve learned more pertaining to my personal and professional growth, through the Informal route and will illustrate how the work experiences I’ve had has provided me a foundation for the continuation and completion of my Formal education.
Formal Educational Experiences
I was privileged to have been able to participate and complete a kindergarten through 12th grade education located in the well renowned Olathe School district. The classes and teachers provided helped me learn how to handle the world around me. English classes taught communication, Psychology taught understanding of oneself and others, and Math taught me to analyze. These subjects among many others provided me the building blocks to my future, but I was to young at the time to fully understand this. Now that I look back and reflect I realize that there were many opportunities for me to learn from and many amazing people providing me with information to better myself. The Olathe school district had many fantastic teachers that provided me with experiences that have lead to my professional and education growth.
Calling out a student
A 9th grade Social Science teacher who was said to be one of the most interesting teachers at our Jr. High…

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