Essay on Graduation Speech : Elementary Education Program

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I am enrolled in an elementary education program with plans to graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree in December of 2017. Once I am certified, I want to teach 2nd or 3rd grade students in a low income school, preferably the one in my neighborhood. After three years, I want to pursue my Master’s Degree in Special Education. I want to work in a special education classroom specializing with children who were categorized as having an emotional disturbance. My reasoning behind this is that I have a child who is categorized as having an emotional disturbance, and I have had problems getting him help in the school district. This can make for a difficult childhood. Many people tend to look past him and forget he has the same feelings we do. He experiences joy, hurt, anger, and love just like we do. My main goal is to help people understand that we are all the same, some people just need a little more help than others.

Before I began working in the school district, I was a home health aid. I worked with adults with developmental disabilities due to medical problems. Often, I was more of a companion to them than anything. Their disabilities caused them to face hardships that many people can not fathom. Transportation was the biggest hurdle, because many of the people I worked with did not have the financial means to afford a handicapped accessible vehicle and public transportation was unreliable. This caused them to become homebound for the most part, which in turned…

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